About Us

The Gurukul

"Music is a world within itself with a language we all understand."

Sangeet Gurukul is a pioneer institute for profound music lovers and learners.We offer state-of-the-art- facilities which help the students to enrich and polish their skills.

The Gurukul looks forward to restore our years' old esteemed tradition of Indian classical music and pass it on to the coming generations. Sangeet gurukul is known for its unique style of teaching. Teaching pattern is designed intentionally to make learning classical music more interesting so that this legacy reach to the world intact with all its values.

It's a place where classical music is becoming an attraction for future generation and a lot of youth taking interest in it. Students absorb music not only through direct sessions but also through environment we maintain. We believe in comprehensive understanding about music through reading listening and visualizing for a broader perspective of it, so that one can work on its own creativity and come out with much more innovative concepts. All this is possible only through its unique style of teaching.

We provide various platforms to showcase student's talent, which give a  boost to their confidence, eventualy which reflects in their performances.

The Guru


Music is "UPASNA" of "NADBRAHM".

When upasna is performed with instant love for music and devotion to Guru, talent like GAUTAM rises. Gautam kale is an accomplished vocalist, a renowned name in classical music today.

Gautam was born and brought up in a family that reserved the power of music. His father Dr Kishore Kale is a music lover and a knowledgeable performer. His mother and maternal family too have an interest in music and literature.Recognising talent in Gautam, his parents nurtured his love for music right from his Childhood.

Gautam received his initial training in music from his father Dr Kishore Kale. He went on to receive further training from Mrs Kunda Joshi and later from Pt. V.G.Ringe "Tanrang" a well known classical singer of the Malwa region.

Gautam is blessed to have Vidushi Kalpana Zokarkar as his mentor and guide in making his career as a singer. Vidushi Kalpana Zokarkar is the disciple of Mama Saheb Majumdar who was a disciple of Ustad Rajab Ali Khan of Dewas.

Gautam is highly impressed by the singing style of the great master of Indian classical music padamvibhushan sangeet martand Pt. Jasraj Ji. He is fortunate enough to be a disciple of Pt. Jasraj Ji. His soulful singing is clearly visible in Gautam's performance.

Gautam's passion for music, & the determination to take it to the next generation manifested itself in the form of opening an institute SANGEET GURUKUL where music is imparted with all its traditional value intact amongst youth. And he is doing this very successfully with his unique style of teaching.

Sangeet Gurukul Achievers

We feel blessed to have wonderful gems as our students. They are doing great, not only with their talents in feilds like Bollywood, composers, programmer, classical vocalists, Youtube channel stars, and Rock Bands etc. but are also acknowledged with their respectful conduct and approach towards music and respect they carry for each musician, which is naturally inculcated in our students from the environment we provide.