Vande Matram Drive

Patriotism is not mere passive love for the country. A true patriot, who loves India, is an active worker. He works at heart and soul for the progress of his country.
All respectable government officials, public servants and the general public are working and contributing to their best ability to make our country an efficient and functional body. Citizens and artists from various fields contribute to enriching its cultural heritage.

Such was our love for India, which got us to recreate the legendary song "Vande Matamm". It was a beautiful journey, starting from a plain idea surfacing in the mind of our very own Gautam sir. It all started on July the 15th, the previous year. Gautam Sir thought of creating something special with our dignitaries (Indore). The idea was to make them sing our National song, all in their voices. We started from school Principals, going towards the Collector and ending at great musicians of our city. Dhaiwat The Band, a renowned classical fusion band of Indore and the stars of our Gurukul, played a very big role in the recording of the song. It was a full 1.5 months with 40 dignitaries, which took our Gurukul to execute the song. The song launched on August 12, 2015.

The views of our video on YouTube have reached to about 15,000 and the song can be searched by the name -"Vande Mataram Drive - Sangeet Gurukul"