Indian Music Instrument Exhibition

Our Indian Classical Music has a rich variety in its style of singing as well as in different musical instruments. This musical tradition has gone through great evolution and changes, including the Indian music instruments which are of vital importance in our music. These Instruments have their own History of evolution and improvisation, in which many of the old and important instruments are forgotten, in spite of being an important source of today’s music. Unfortunately, the generation today, even music students, are unaware of these musical creations.
Everyone, who is working for promoting our music, always have a question that how these lost assets be introduced to our coming generation. So , as an institute of Music , we planned for this exhibition ‘GOONJ’ in which maximum of our old and important Instruments were exhibited and demonstrated. We managed to collect almost 32 Instruments, which included the very old ones like 4 types of ‘Veena’(Saraswati Veena, Vichitra Veena Triveni Veena and Ranjan Veena), Ravan Hatta, Foot Pumped Harmonium etc. Also exhibited some of the familiar instruments, even played today, like Dholak, Tabla, Flute , Harmonium etc. The main motive of this exhibition was to make , not only the music lovers, but also the general public aware of our musical heritage. This vision converted this exhibition into 3 day Musical Carnival in which different events like artist’s performances, sessions on Instrument demonstration and verbal explanation of instruments to make the event more interactive and attractive. The exhibition got a wonderful start as it was inaugurated by Indore Commissioner Mr.Sanjay Dubey. Day 1 of the exhibition had an informative session on ‘Peddle Harmonium’ and ’22 Shriti Harmonium’ by renowned Harmonim player Shri Vivek Bansod, followed by Sitar recital of ,young sitar player of the city, Gaurav Nagor. Day 2 evening was concluded by the mesmerizing performances by young Artists Anvay Pandit (classical vocal) and Atharva Pawar(tabla). On Day 3 of the exhibition the senior Instrumentalists of the city were felicitated for keeping the ‘Goonj’ of our instrumental heritage alive through their ‘Sadhna’ and carrying forward the lineage through their disciples. Young vocalist Amit Alekar ended the event with his soulful singing. The whole program was designed in a manner where the connection and interaction of today’s and past musical generation can be clearly observed. The most motivating aspect of the whole exhibition was that , the students of almost 12 renowned schools of Indore made a visit and got to know about our traditional instruments, for which ‘GOONJ’ was initiated. Along with the young generation, even music lovers of all age group were quite enthusiastic for this 3 Day exhibition. Presence of dignitaries belonging to various field made this effort more recognizable. Organizing such events time to time, bring us closure to our origin and its positive response give a boost to always do something new for revival of our own heritage. Looking forward to make a new ‘GOONJ’ in a new dimension for our own music.