• Indore is the cultural capital of Madhya Pradesh and it has acquired a distinct position in India.
    The first ever FM Radio Channel also started in Indore, it is the only city to have both IIT and
    IIM, which are considered to be the most renowned and prestigious Institutes of India and now
    Indore is also an educational hub for various other academic fields as well.
  • But, there has always been a void in the field of Music per se Performing Arts (Indian Classical
    Music), regarding its dissemination amongst the younger generation as well as Music Lovers.
    There has always been a lack in an appropriate platform for aspiring music talents which can
    quench the curiosity of getting good opportunities to learn and showcase their musical abilities
    in front of a good audience. This also includes learning through informational workshops and
    music concerts by renowned artists of our country.
  • Shri Gautam Kale, who is a renowned classical vocalist himself and a disciple of Sangeet
    Martand Padmavibhushan Pandit Jasraj; and his wife, Smt. Aditi Gautam Kale has taken up the
    initiative of creating a well-developed musical ambience for aspiring music lovers. The sole
    motive of this step is to propagate Indian Classical Music amongst as many people as possible.
    He has efficiently managed to accomplish this purpose through his sincere efforts by
    establishing Sangeet Gurukul, which is the only Private Institution for Music in the current
    scenario of Indore.
  • Gautam Kale’s Sangeet Gurukul follows a musical teaching method which is a perfect
    amalgamation of traditional musical value system as well as modern influence of technical
    aspects which is the need of changing times. In today’s scenario, due to these consistent
    efforts, a lot of youth has been attracted to Indian Classical Music and some of them have even
    started their careers as professional musicians. Apart from creating and promoting young
    enigmatic performers, the institute also focuses on providing duly education for Music to
    students. Sangeet Gurukul has an affiliation of Raja Mansingh Tomar University, Gwalior
  • through which various academic courses in Music such as Diploma, Advance Diploma etc. are
    carried out which provides the students the scope to pursue their musical careers academically
    as well.
  • The main priority of Sangeet Gurukul has always been its students and its objective of teaching
    them music and its detailings with a more practical and an interactive approach. This include
    various workshops as well as music concerts by some of the stalwarts of Indian Classical Music
    such as Pt. Jasraj, Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia, Ust. Zakir Hussain, Pt. VIshwamohan Bhat and many
  • Apart from imparting music education to students, Sangeet Gurukul has also constantly made
    efforts to provide a musical treat for music lovers. The Institution has successfully organized
    some of the biggest concert series of Central India such as Indore Music Festival, Goonj
    (Exclusive Indian instruments exhibition), Ust. Jahangir Khan and Ust. Amir Khan Samman
    Samaroh ,etc.
  • Sangeet Gurukul has also consistently made efforts to imbibe high moral values amongst the
    students on becoming good and responsible citizens of our country by initiating some social
    activities such as World Environment Day, Paper ki Slate, Walk for Soul etc.

Compact Gurukul Profile

Sangeet Gurukul is a pioneer institute for profound music lovers and learners affiliated to Raja Mansingh Tomar Music & Arts university ,Gwalior.We offer state-of-the-art- facilities which help the students to enrich and polish their skills.
  • The Gurukul looks forward to restore our years old esteemed tradition of Indian classical music and pass
    it on to the coming generation. Sangeet gurukul is known for its unique style of teaching. Teaching
    pattern is designed intentionally to make learning classical music more interesting, so that this legacy
    reach to world intact with all its values.
  • Its a place where classical music is becoming attraction for future generation and lot of youth taking
    interest in it. Students absorb music not only through direct sessions but also through environment we
    maintain . We believe in comprehensive understanding about music through reading listening and
    visualising for broader perspective of it, so that one can work on its own creativity and come out with
    much more innovative concepts. All this is possible only through its unique style of teaching .We provide
    various platforms to showcase singing talent which is apparently manifested in their performances.
  • Apart from learning music, Gurukul believes that Classical music is the process of singing ,that originates
    from heart, not merely sung by the lips or the tongue.
  • Exposure to different talent is one of the process by which you can train the mind to expand into
    eternal values,which reflects in your singing talent. Sangeet Gurukul knows when , what and how these
    exposures are given to the students, under the guidance of Guru, Sh. Gautam Kale.
  • Every month an in-house concert is organized, where students showcase their talent. This is how
    learning music and performing skills are developed simultaneously.
  • Students learn a lot by casual conversation about music .We work as family where students seek
    guidance for their personal projects by Gautam Kale sir.
    Where almost all dignitaries of city supported and participated. Check this video on youtube
  • With the purpose of creating awareness about good music of all genre & to support this idea sangeet
    Gurukul took initiative to organize a peacefull walk “Walk for soul” ,which we organize every year. The
    idea got great response from
  • Different concerts on various theme are designed where student get an opportunity to showcase their
    talent along with Guru Gautam Kale. Providing such platform give lot of boost to the confidence of
  • Gautam Kale Sangeet Gurukul is the place where you get the complete package to understand ,learn
    ,enhance your personality as a performer, & than showcase your talent. Not only students who take
    music as career but many adults who had hidden urge to develop their singing skills , are polishing their
    talent under the guidance of Guru Gautam Kale.
  • Indore is the cultural capital of Madhya Pradesh and is enriched with various art forms whether
    the photographers, painters, dancers, musicians, etc. So to get Indore, the city of art and its
    talent of music into further notice, Sangeet Gurukul initiated with an idea of ‘Indore Music
    Festival. It’s a festival of two days where we invite renowned artists from all over india .